SRK Specialist Cars ltd

Protect Your Pride And Joy

By Auto Wax Works -

Every one of our retail cars goes through a rigorous detail and correction process before being advertised. This includes a full stage one machine polish to remove swirling from the paintwork and leave a deep gloss shine, an interior deep clean with leather feed, and engine bay steam clean.

As soon as you leave our showroom, all of our hard works starts being undone with simple road use taking its toll on the cars finish and appearance.

SRK Specialist Cars have teamed up with Auto Wax Works who are regarded as one of the leading Paint Correction and Protection specialists in the South, so that we can offer you a GTechniq Total Surface Protection which has been independently proven to be the strongest and most durable of any other leading paint protection system.

Because we have already done the groundwork in getting the car to our high retail standard, we are able to offer this amazing product at a fraction of the usual cost charged by Auto Wax Works.

Provided with a 5 year guarantee, this chemical ceramic sealant is applied to the paintwork, glass, wheel faces and interior surfaces to achieve total protection.

Take a look at the table and the video for more information and read some industry testimonials below...

Auto Wax Works
5 Year Guarantee
Traditional Waxes Polymer/PTFE Coatings¹ Other dealer-applied 'lifetime' Coatings² Gtechniq C1 Lacquer
Initial Gloss
Gloss Retention
Scratch Resistance²
Dirt Repellency
Stone Chip Resistance
Durability ≈ 3 Months ≈ 6 Months ≈ 6 Months ≈ 5 Years

1 C1 Crystal Lacquer tested by Q-Lab Corp against market leading paint protection products

2 Independent tests showed a 60% reduction in wash induced swirl marks for C1 coated panels